How to Identify a Magento Theme


Magento is used by millions of sites all over the world and is highly customizable. Using Magento makes it much easier to build a stable, reliable and powerful online store. One of the easiest ways of customizing Magento is to use themes. Knowing which theme a store is using can be very useful. Here's how to determine a Magento theme.

Step 1 - Visit the Site

The first thing you’ll need to do is to visit the site in question and have a look around. If they are using a free theme then the developer name, the name of the theme and even a link may be in the footer of the site. This is a great place to start since it will be the quickest way to get the information.

However, even if this information is included in the footer, the site owner can choose to remove it. If there’s no information in the footer, then you will need to do more digging.



Step 2 - Log into the Admin Panel

If you already have access to the Magento admin panel, then this is the next easiest way of determining the theme name. Log into the admin panel and be sure to navigate to System, Configuration, Design, and Package. Take a look at the theme name in the templates text box.

Step 3 - Do More Digging

If you don't have access to the admin panel and there's nothing in the footer, then you will need to do more digging. There are two places you can look, either in the browser of your console or by viewing the source of the site.

Right-click on the web page and choose "View Source." Depending on your browser this will either open the source in notepad, or in the browser itself. Search this document for a theme to try to discover the name.

However, if the theme name says default, then it's likely to be a customized specially designed theme which will mean you won't be able to find it for your own site.

Step 4 - Find the Theme Online

Once you have the name of the theme, you can then try to locate it online. Search this using your favorite search engine to discover where you can download the theme, and how much it costs. If you can't locate the name of the theme, then someone has either renamed it which will make it more difficult to find, or it could be a custom designed theme.

Step 5 - Ask the Community

If you can't find the theme name yourself, there is a very helpful community on the Magento forums. Simply post your questions and a link to the site and wait for someone to match the theme for you.